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Monday, April 02, 2007

New Pubs in Brighton

Change is a constant in Brighton and since the book has been published a few new pubs have appeared. Can anyone tell us what these pubs are like? And maybe give them scores from 1-5 stars for each of the following: Atmosphere, Beer, Barstaff, Food, Decor/Garden, Entertainment, Talent.

The Fountain Head
The Vault
St George
The Chimney House

Some of these were already pubs and have just been refurbed + renamed, so we'd be interested to know if you like the change or not....?


Danny said...

Roumer has it that The Fountain Head's colsed down:


(look in the comments)

Anonymous said...

*ahem* Caroline of Brunswick *ahem*

Landlord, the Caroline of Brunswick

Anonymous said...

The fountain head did close for a while but i've been in there since it reopened and its really cool. I now go there loads and so do my mates.Really nice chilled atmosphere and the staff are really nice. Poss some new friends there. I recommend giving it a go

Anonymous said...

I found it a bit chavvy to be honest. No atmosphere and full of meatheads. If you're in the area you'd be better off going to the Eagle.

Anonymous said...

Chavvy is the word, you're far better off in the Basketmakers or the Great Eastern if you are in this part of town