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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Talking to Printers

Hmm....they don't talk entirely in English.

The problem is that I am basically acting as my own publisher, but with no knowledge of how publishers work. There is a certain amount that is obvious, a certain amount that is easy to learn (using the web), but some of it is just hard.

Paper types. Book sizes. Embedding fonts & greyscale images. All require some effort to comprehend.

I fear the other things that I do not know.

Then there is money.

And I would never have started my book in Word if I knew what I know now. Microsoft Publisher maybe, but not Word.


Danny said...

What's stopping you from migrating away from Word?

Brightons Best Pubs said...

Knowledge, lack of an alternative software that I know my way around, the optimistic hope that I can muddle it through with Word.....
What do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

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