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Friday, March 21, 2008

Pub Jury Website - More Stuff!

Quite a lot of new functionality has been added to the site which I hope you'll enjoy.

Here's a quick summary:

1. Added the ability to search for specific facilities on the search page (http://www.pubjury.com/search). Facilities will be hidden by default (to not make the form too confusing) but can be shown by clicking on the 'Show Facilities' link
2. Added a natural text explaination on the Search Results page of what exactly is being searched for. E.g. "Searched for pubs & bars called "Dolphin" in London with Bar Billiards, a 24 Hour Licence & Air Conditioning with a rating of 3 or higher"
3. Added the ability to search for pubs within 5 miles of a motorway junction/service station (see http://www.pubjury.com/search?stype=motorway)
4. Added the ability to search for pubs within 5 miles of a train station or 1 mile from a tube station e.g. http://www.pubjury.com/search?find=1&station=648
5. You can now sort search results by distance too
6. Added the new search options to the sidebar on the right (under Advanced Search)
7. Various enhancements to the search engine to make it faster with the increased traffic the site is receiving
8. Added an 'Activity Stream', which is based on the Facebook Newsfeed concept. It will show all recent activity (new members, new photos, comments and ratings) on the site within the last day/week/fortnight/month in the style of news items.You can use this to checkup on new content that is added to the site. See the latest month's activity here: http://www.pubjury.com/activity-stream?period=month

Hope you like it!

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